End of an era @ The Purple Room

Purple Room

On Saturday night I was in the Purple Room with the rest of the External Sounds crew, nothing unusual about that you may say, however this time it was purely pleasure and not business.
The Milk lads had the legend that is Justin Robertson as their guest dj for the night. Dj’ing worldwide since the early 90’s Robertson is one of the most respected dj’s out there and has played at every top club and clubnight around. From Manchester’s legendary Hacienda, to London’s super cool Fabric nightclub, He’s played them all.
So what had him in the Purple Room you may ask? Well first and foremost a belief and passion in promoting quality music nights in the town of Drogheda. Milk (formerly 4PLAY) along with External Sounds have been putting on music events in The Purple Room since early 2008. Since then both collectives have put on nights that have showcased the best in local up and coming talent as well as inviting world renowned artists such as Justin Robertson, Andrew Weatherall, Norman Jay, Andy Smith, The Unabomers, plus many more, to play in the venue.
The Purple room offers a very unique clubbing experience, its dark walls and low celling, make it feel like a basement hid under the streets of Drogheda, but at the same time its small capacity and the crowd it attracts make for a very intimate and friendly atmosphere. From the men having to dance across the dancefloor to get to the toilet, to the lack of a cloakroom, its quite obvious that the Purple room is not a custom built venue for what it is currently been used for.
So its for this reason the it will be closing its doors for period so that renovations and some modifications can be made to the venue. External Sounds event on Saturday 3rd of October will be the last night in The Purple Room as we know it. The management are very aware of the pitfalls of tampering too much with something good and ruining it, so a lot of thought and effort is going into keeping the unique charm and atmosphere of the venue throughout the renovations.
It will be reopening just in time for the Christmas period with what we hope is a new Purple Room with all the atmosphere and vibe of the old venue.

Words: Andrew K

Image courtesy of Jay McCarthy


4 Responses to “End of an era @ The Purple Room”

  1. Kelbo Says:


    will clearly have to do my best to get there for the october one then!!

    i’m there for NYE as always

    Luv Kel x

  2. externalsounds Says:

    Yeap, we are gona have to have a right old blow out on the 3rd of October!!

    Andrew k

  3. niamh Says:

    The regular External Sounds night will be missed but I’m sure the celebrations and renovations will be worth the wait. Respect from the Manchester UK fanbase.

  4. Milky sham Says:

    Hey all,
    Great piece lads. On behalf of the Milk crew, we would like to thank all our supporters over the last few months. We started off strong and keep getting stronger. From Andrew Weatherall, Justin Robertson to the Lunar Disko fiends. They absolutely rocked the club. Looking forward to the last session in the Purple as we know it and to many more when it reopens.

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