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Homelands Ireland 1999

March 1, 2010

I recently rediscovered a documentary about the first Homelands Festival which took place at Mosney holiday camp, Co Meath in September 1999. I originally had a copy of this documentary on VHS that i recorded off the tv shortly after the festival took place, but which has since been lost for years. As i watched the the documentary it brought back so many memories of that great day in Mosney. It also started me thinking about how much has happened in Irish dance music since that festival almost 11 years ago. For those of you that don’t know much about that festival or its significances, let me enlighten you. Before Homelands the only major out door music events in Ireland were the Slane Castle Concerts and The Feile Festival which took place several years before hand in Semple Stadium, Thurles. These events where based around one main stage with different acts taken to the stage throughout the day. Homelands was the first major multi arena festival to take place in Ireland, and was the precursor to the Wittness festival that became Oxegen which is now regarded as one of Europe’s top festivals.

Last summer Irish music lovers had a choice of  music festivals such as Oxegen, Electric Picnic, Life, Castle Palooza, Sibin to name but a few. when Homelands came along it was so unique to this country and something very exciting. As somebody that spent many a family day out as a kid in Mosney, it was extra funny dancing to techno in the Ballroom where I had seen Sonny Knowles perform with my Ganny many years before hand!

As much as Homelands was a seminal moment in Irish music in general, it was it was very significant for Dance music in the country.  Since 4/4 beats first began to become popular in Irish clubs in the late 80’s, and early 90’s, dance music was never really taken that serious by the wider music community in the country. Generally seen as a fade or something listened to by people on drugs, dance music was never expected to go on to hold such a prominent position that it does, or its dj’s and artists to obtain the respect they now have from other musical peers. The Homelands Festival really took Dance music out from the past and kicked it into the 21st century giving it the respectability and investment other music genres receive. The festival was very well programmed, and had a wide range of dance music from commercial house, techno, Drum & Bass, Hip/Hop & Breakes, and also had an impressive line-up of top name within the industry. It was very well organised, policed, and surprisingly to some critics, had a very decent and diverse crowd in attendance, with very little in the way of trouble.

On a personal level it was my experience at Homeland that was the catalyst to buy some turntables and subsequently go on to dj and promote dance music events. Anyway that’s enough waffling from me. To watch this documentary click onto the like below. I have also added a link to downloada set from Laurent Garnier’s which was recorded live form the festival.

Laurent Garnier Live from Homelands Ireland


Andrew K


External Sounds Presents… Freeman Bear (live)

March 1, 2010

External Sounds is back at the Purple room on Saturday 6th of March. For this event we are exploiting the depths of musical talent within the collective. This months main act is our own Freeman Bear who will be performing a live set of his own compositions.

Freeman Bear aka External Sounds very own Dermot O’ Mahony has been producing music under different guises for over 15 years. His sound is difficult to pigeon hole with his music crossing several genres from deep techno to fresh house with a smidgen of industrial funk. His ‘On My Mind’ track which will feature on his debut EP, on External Sounds Recordings, has already been generating a lot of interest from artists around the globe, as well as receiving positive reviews from dance music heavyweights like Larry Heard, Norman Jay & The Unabombers. For this performance he will playing his tracks live using Synths, Samplers and Fx to build up the set. Never afraid to experiment and always entertaining this is a performance definitely not to be missed!

Freeman Bear- ‘On My Mind’

To listen to a dj set from Dermot, recorded under his ‘Durty Vandal’ alis, click here

Support on the night come from External Sounds, Tadhg Murphy, while Derek Hicks will be rounding the night off with a set full of his own typical musical mayhem!